Past Projects

For a regional real estate company, assessed their current property management and reporting systems and consolidated into one Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.  Converted over 7,500 multifamily units, 1 million commercial tenant square feet, and 100 general ledger entities to the new system.  In addition, coordinated the training for over 200 employees for the new system.   

For an online retail company, designed ​record keeping system and maintained the financials from its start through growth of the company while implementing improvements to increase the bottom line.

For a local real estate company, provided overall Yardi systems training and troubleshooting. 

For a local real estate company, implemented add on programs to their Yardi ERP system to enhance their operations.  Yardi's CheckScan streamlined their rent collection operations.  Yardi's PayScan converted a manual accounts payable approval system to be completely electronic and eliminated paper records.  In addition, it allowed managers to be more proactive in managing their expenses.

For a regional company, researched and implemented an employee hotline as well as other internal controls. 

For regional and local companies, assisted teams in designing compensation plans and reimbursement plans to align with business objectives and tax laws. 

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